New for 2022!

Luna Park Gondola Wheel

Watch for our NEW GONDOLA WHEEL, towering 15 meters over the midway, this ride allows up to 4 passengers in each vehicle to enjoy the wonderful view of our beautiful carnival and surrounding areas! Coming very soon to a Sun Valley Rides event near you!


Starship 3000

Originally named The Gravitron and manufactured by Wisdom Industries, this exciting spaceship ride was first seen at Morey’s Piers in 1983. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, this ride has been seen at many amusement parks and carnivals all across the globe and is now apart of our midway! Riders enter the Starship and line up along the walls bracing themselves for take off. The entryway comes to a close as the ride starts to rotate reaching top speeds in less than 20 seconds. At this point riders will experience the thrill of increased G-force similar to that of an astronaut blasting into outer space. Complete with music, lights, and a monitoring system to ensure the safety of everyone onboard; This ride is sure to stir up quite a buzz on our midways this 2021 season!